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What to Expect?

Before your massage:

To enjoy the benefits of massage fully, please try to avoid eating, drinking alcohol or caffeinated beverages for about 2 hours before your appointment. It is not recommended to get a massage, when you think you are getting a cold or have fever. Please, call to reschedule your appointment, if that happens.

When you arrive for your massage:  

If this is your first massage, please make sure you have picked "New client massage", when scheduling your appointment online - this gives us an extra 15 min. to fill out necessary paperwork. There is a short Health History Intake Form, that you would need to complete and we will also discuss any health problems or concerns your have. If you have a serious medical condition ( high-risk pregnancy, cancer, recent surgery, injury or other) an approval from your doctor might be necessary, so please call before scheduling, if you are not sure. If your insurance plan covers massage, a prescription from your doctor is necessary to bill the insurance. You can print or e-mail your healthcare provider the prescription form on this page in the Forms section or they can use their own. Dr. Randy Bryant, DC is also available for consultation and usually no referral is necessary for a chiropractic evaluation and treatment. You can e-mail me you insurance information, if you'd like me to check your massage and chiropractic benefits. 

What to expect?

After we review your health history form, discuss your goals for the massage session and answer any questions you might have, I will show you to the massage room, where you can get ready for your massage. I will leave the room, so you can have privacy to disrobe to the level of your comfort.You would lie on the comfortable massage table and cover yourself with a sheet and blanket. Except for chair massage, most massages are performed using oils or creams directly on the skin, while your body is fully covered with sheets, except the area being massaged. For pregnancy massage, the session will be performed in a sidelying or semi-reclined position with plenty of pillows for support and comfort.

How long does the session last?

Massage sessions last 30min., 60min. or 90min. with a 15 min. check-out time.

What should I do during the massage?

You are welcome to relax and let go. Some people feel more comfortable if they talk at first and doze off as the session progresses, others like to stay quiet as soon as they get on the table and fully relax. It is your time for massage and I will respect your preferences. Communication is also very important, so please feel free to let me know at any time, if you are feeling cold or hot, if you would like me to change the music, what scents you prefer, and especially what amount of pressure feels good to you. Everybody's pressure preference is different and even your own pressure preference might change from session to session, as your muscles relax, heal, become more flexible and free of restrictions and trigger points (those knots that feel sore sometime during massage).

What to do after the massage?

At the end of the massage session, I will leave the room, so you can get dressed and we will meet in the reception area. I will process your payment, answer any questions and would be happy to hear your feedback. Drinking plenty of water after the massage is recommended, as massage works with the lymphatic system of the body to detoxify it. Sometimes people might experience some soreness the next day, which is a normal part of the cleansing process, when working with muscles, which have been chronically tight. It is best to avoid strenuous physical activities, as the muscles change their flexibility after massage and the body needs some time to relax. Massage increases the relaxation hormones seratonin, melatonin and oxytocin, so most of the time people feel the need to slow down and enjoy this relaxed feeling. Others say they feel re-charged and energized after massage and feel more mentally focused.

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