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Pregnancy and Post-partum Massage Reviews

On Yelp

Nichole A. - Seattle, WA - 8/1/2013

Kate is amazing - started seeing her for massages while I was pregnant, and continued aftewards. She is a great massage therapist and super knowledgeable about therapies. Highly recommend her!

aniela Y.- Bellevue, WA - 10/22/2013

Kate and Randy Bryant are such an amazing team! I strongly recommend them to anyone who is in need of a professional and well-experienced chiropractor and massage therapist. I first went to their office when I strained my lower back while I was 7 months pregnant. I was in lots of pain and very worried that this accident may prevent my plan to have a natural birth. Right after the first appointment I had with Randy for adjustment and then for a massage with Kate, I felt renewed and the pain had significantly diminished. I kept going back once per week up until my due date and after every appointment I felt so rejuvenated and much better. Besides my massage therapist Kate Bryant also became my birth Doula. It was simply wonderful to have such an experienced massage therapist during labor! I didn`t have an epidural. Wait, actually I should say Kate was my epidural. ;-) Thanks to the massages Kate gave me throughout early and later on progressive labor, I felt relaxed and very confident and more importantly pain was not as bad as I had expected. The massage helped me physically, mentally and kept my spirits up and in many ways facilitated the delivery of my baby.

I continue going back to Kate for massages as often as I can and it`s one of my most favorite ways to relax and reenergize after a tough work week.

I recommend Kate and Randy whole-heartedly to anyone looking for a knowledgeable chiropractor and experienced massage therapist specializing in many types of massages, including pregnancy massage and oh, not to forget baby massage as well! ;-) My husband became their regular patient as well and I have decided to take my mom for a massage there, too. 

Fried T.Kirkland, WA - 1/7/2014

I go to Kate Bryant's for pregnancy massages and she is great! Her prices are very reasonable, she has a happy, optimistic demeanor that instantly sets you in a happy mood, her facility is clean and quiet and she is a great masseuse. I plan on continuing with her for a long time.

A note for the first timers - this is a small family chiropractic practice and not a full-blown spa. Expect your surroundings to reflect that (aka, don't walk in expecting uniformed folks offering you warm robes). Their facility is tucked in behind the Banner Bank, so give yourself a few minutes the first time to park somewhere in the complex and walk to their office.

On City Search

Very professional and experienced massage and chiropractics

by mrushkarski at Citysearch

We were expecting our first child when we met Kate and Randy Bryant. Our needs at the time were getting the easiest possible pregnancy and delivery. Kate's in depth knowledge of pregnancy, labor and post-partum massages combined with her skillful application helped us deliver in less than 30 min at the hospital naturally. We never thought it would be so easy. Thanks to her help my wife was ready to leave the hospital immediately after the birth. Since then Kate and Randy are helping our family to stay physically healthy and relaxed after a busy and stressful work week.I highly recommend their services. Once you get to know them you will find professionals who really care about you and your family well-being.

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