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About Me

Hello, my name is Kate Bryant and I have been a Licensed Massage Practitioner in the state of Washington since 2005.

I am also a certified practitioner in "Massage for the childbearing year" - an advance training in prenatal massage, massage during labor and post-partum massage, and an "Infant Massage Educator" for parents since 2008. In 2012, I completed the "Labor Doula" training with the amazing Penny Simkin and a "Dancing For Birth" training with Stephanie Larson.

Supporting and helping women with massage during their pregnancy and post-partum period is one of my favorite and most rewarding kinds of work. Providing relief from neck, back, hip, leg pain and swelling, while reducing stress naturally, helps the new moms have a healthy, more enjoyable pregnancy, prepare them for labor and reduce the risk of post-partum depression. Nurturing a mother with massage during this very important time in her life, helps her become a more nurturing mother herself. And the babies enjoy it, too, when their moms are getting a massage. My pregnant clients mention how their baby quiets down during the massage and as soon as I place my hands on their belly, the little one greets me with a kick.

Most couples are eager to learn a basic relaxation massage to provide comfort and bonding during the labor and add to their labor preparation skills, so they enroll in the "Massage During Labor for Couples" class. After the baby is born, we continue our journey together with a baby massage lesson, which the babies absolutely love. This increases bonding between mother and child, while making the baby calmer, healthier and more relaxed.

For more information on the benefits of massage during pregnancy, labor and post-partum, please visit the link on the right side of this website.

I also perform other types of massage - Swedish, Deep Tissue, Oncology Massage, Lypossage, Salt stone massage, Cupping Massage and Reiki.

I attended Bellevue Massage School in 2004-2005 and after graduation I received national and state certification as a Licensed Massage Practitioner (LMP). Since my graduation, I've worked in chiropractic clinics in Bellevue as a full time Massage Therapist.

I was an instructor at Bellevue Massage School from 2010 till 2016, where I teach Treatment Massage and Pregnancy/ Postpartum Massage classes. I continue to teach my own classed in Cupping massage, as well as give private lessons in Comfort Measures for Labor for Couples and Infant Massage for Parents.

Since the beginning of my massage therapy career in 2005, I've met and helped hundreds of people with various problems from all walks of life and ages - from children and teenagers, to pregnant women, car accident victims, people with work injuries, weekend athletes, the elderly or just people looking for relaxation and stress relief.

I witnessed the amazing changes and improvements they experienced, not just in their health, but overall well-being, energy level and quality of life.

I have achieved great results working with people suffering from

- headaches

- neck, shoulder and back pain

- leg, hip, knee and foot pains

- numbness and tingling symptoms

- chronic pain or multiple injuries that have not healed properly

I am constantly expanding my knowledge in different modalities and the latest research in massage and wellness care. My massage style is very versatile and could be adapted to clients looking for medical or relaxation massage. In my sessions, I also include hot and cold hydrotherapy, natural and organic massage and essential oils to nourish your skin, and pain relieving gels. I strongly believe in client education and it's essential part in the long term effects of massage, to promote healing and enhance the body's function. I have educational brochures, newsletters and self-care handouts for my clients to extend the effects of massage into their daily lives.

Massage is a very versatile tool for helping people become healthy and stay healthy. It's natural, non-invasive, with no side effects, when done properly, and an abundance of benefits.

Personal Interests:

When I am not helping people relax and unwind, I like to hike or go for walks, camp at the beach, work out, listen to music, watch movies, study new massage techniques, mentor new massage therapists, spend time with friends and family, take pictures of the beautiful Washington nature, get a massage myself or help out with some charity fund raisers. 

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