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Benefits of Pregnancy Massage

There are many benefits of massage during the different stages of pregnancy, as well as during labor and the post-partum period. A woman's body goes through many transformations during pregnancy - from changes in her hormones and posture to changes in her joint flexibility and emotions. Massage can provide relief from a lot of the discomforts during pregnancy - neck and back pain caused by changes in posture and weight distribution as the baby grows and increases the strain in all the muscles of the body, trouble sleeping and problems with digestion, it decreases stress hormones and feeling of anxiety or depressions, increases blood circulation to the internal organs ( including the uterus), which provides more nutrients and oxygen to the growing baby. Studies with pregnant women receiving massage showed reduces pain levels ( back and leg pain), reduced anxiety, depression and the stress hormones cortisole and norepinephrin and increased relaxation hormones dopamine and seratonin. The study also showed that women, who had prenatal massage also had less obstetrical complications during birth, less post natal complications including lower birth weight and premature births, as well as better performance of their newborns on the Brazelton Neonatal Behavior Assessment.

Benefits of Massage During Labor

Astudy on massage during labor showed that women massaged during the first 15 min of every hour of labor had decreased anxiety and pain, decreased need for pain medication, as well as massage shortened the length of labor, post-partum hospital stay and depressed mood afterlabor.

Comfort Measures For Labor - Couple's Class

We offer special massage classes for couples - Massage and Comfort Measures during labor and Infant Massage. Small class sizes for individual attention - 3 couples for labor massage class and 6 couples for infant massage class. Most couples prefer a private lesson for more individual attention. You can schedule a private lesson from the online booking website.

Women in their third trimester and their labor partner ( husband, partner, relative or friend, who will attend the birth from the very beginning) will learn how massage during labor helps speed it up, reduce anxiety and pain, reduce post-partum hospitalization for mother and baby, different massage techniques adapted for pregnant women, special techniques, positions and acupressure points they can use to ease labor.

Post-partum Massage

In the post-partum period, massage helps to reduce the stress of being a new mom, but also helps bring back your body to it's pre-pregnancy condition. During pregnancy, your posture changes as the baby grows. Massage helps relieve the tension and adhesions in the postural muscles, which were chronically overused and shortened during the pregnancy. After a period of recovery, massage therapy is also very beneficial for working on scar tissue after a C-section, which could cause discomfort and dysfunction later in life.

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